The Physician Bringing Price Transparency to North Texas

Hinkapin Health fosters relationships with healthcare providers to create affordable, competitive flat-rate surgery bundles to help clients predict and contain healthcare costs.

Care Coordination

Affordable Bundled Surgery

Price Transparency

No Insurance or High deductibles ?

We have a solution.

TPA, Insurance Broker, Healthshare

Self Pay Patient

Self Insured Employer

Custom Surgery Bundles

Over the last ten years, our surgical care coordinators have gained extensive experience working with patients, brokers, and TPA members, culminating in delivering high-quality ambulatory surgical care affordably through bundled pricing.

Specialty List

  • Colorectal Surgery​
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery (pediatric also available)​
  • Gastroenterology​
  • General Surgery​
  • Gynecologic Surgery​
  • Hand Surgery​
  • Orthopedic Surgery​
  • Outpatient Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Pain Management​
  • Plastic Surgery​
  • Podiatry​
  • Spine Surgery​
  • Urology


  • Pre-operative consultation​
  • Surgery​
  • Anesthesia​
  • Pathology *​
  • All medications and supplies for surgery​
  • Mesh for most hernia repairs​


  • Transportation​
  • Pre-operative imaging – CT, MRI, etc​
  • Diagnostic labs​
  • Implants and prosthesis *​
  • Management of complications​
  • Postoperative medications​
  • Other Specialist consultation if needed​

* May vary on a case-by-case basis, as determined by the surgeon at the time of consultation.

​* If an overnight stay is required, an additional fee will be incurred.

​* We do not accept public or private insurance plans for self pay patients.

Surgical Care Coordination

Hinkapin Health care coordinators will communicate with all parties to orchestrate the planning of surgical procedures for individuals, members, and organizations. ​

Our care coordination team will collaborate with members and organizations throughout the surgical process, saving time and money while ensuring individuals receive the highest quality care.​

Hinkapin Health strives to provide cost-efficient and transparent pricing while supporting each surgical journey and delivering custom surgical bundles to meet individual needs.